ipad-605420_640WebPress Club is a platform that will grant you access to exclusive benefits on web dsegin and content management, for very competitive prices. Start now, become a club member!


workplace-1245776_640Our benefits are, on one hand, related to WordPress web design, and with content management on the other: content generation for web, content posting for social networks (e.g. Facebook / Instagram), logo design, and more.

However, the most outstanding part is we give very importance to your specific case. If you need modifications, we are available, and we also suggest website improvements as you keep advancing on your project!

Focus on your project, we handle your website!

Main benefit: Personalized support and activity monitoring

ipad-820272_640The most distinguished benefit is about personalized support. We keep track of all requests and progress of each new client, and we help her/him succeed in their whole project.

As a part of the first contacts, we will ask you about your goals related to your own space on the Internet, and we will guide you through monitoring the projected achievements. We work with task lists that you can access to if you need to.

Finally, we highlight that personalized attention can be held via email, video calls (Hangouts/Facetime/Skype), Whatsapp or a phone call paid by the customer.

Money back guarantee

office-1209640_640By becoming a member of WebPress.Club you are legally hiring the professional services of our international team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, represented by Professor Abdiel Leon. This modality grants you responsible, transparent and secure attention. If the tasks are not delivered responsibly we will refund you. If you any pre-sales questions, please ask them through Contact us.